iCADEMICUS only cooperates with university teachers and lecturers with many years of experience and proven expertise.

iCADEMICUS permanently acquires new authors in order to expand and round off the product portfolio.

iCADEMICUS provides its authors with versatile support and a sophisticated production and distribution platform for their ideas and manuscripts.

iCADEMICUS appreciates its authors and therefore offers fair and attractive conditions.

Quality certainty can only be achieved by excellent authors. Our strict selection criteria ensure that our products are created by experts who have many years of practical professional experience as well as outstanding methodological and instructional competence. In this way, we protect our customers from excessively theoretical knowledge from the ivory tower or mediocre content of unexperienced trainers.

Within the framework of a streamlined workflow, we accompany and support our authors in all process steps. By integrating them into our product portfolio, individual modules are upgraded and a greater benefit is created for the customer.