Passion for innovative teaching

iCADEMICUS offers modern digital products and services for online teaching in a changing educational world.

Advantage through instructional expertise

iCADEMICUS offers intelligently integrated online products that set new standards in methodological and instructional conception of content.

Quality through excellent authors

iCADEMICUS offers quality certainty through university instructors with many years of experience and proven expertise in their field.


iCADEMICUS emphasizes a methodically and didactically optimized product range that integrates and interlinks e-learning, e-books and e-guides.

iCADEMICUS focuses on quality-assured and accreditable content that meets the high standards and expectations of modern education.

iCADEMICUS provides cross-platform and independent advice on the development and operation of academic programs.

When imparting knowledge, it is not only important to have high-quality relevant content, but also the right mix of methods and instruments. We provide customers with quality-assured e-products that enable them to avoid isolated technical solutions and dependence on publishing partners, to combine individual modules and components flexibly and to use them as needed.

The development and operation of institutionalised training programmes pose specific challenges that are often not adequately met due to a lack of know-how and personnel capacity. As external consultants we help to bridge existing constraints, prevent poor decisions and optimise results.


iCADEMICUS understands the specific requirements and special applications of e-products in the field of academic education.

iCADEMICUS provides companies a flexible and up-to-date infrastructure for the training and further education of employees.

iCADEMICUS makes its products available to private customers – beyond the academic and corporate context.

Modern educational products such as e-learning and e-books offer universities new and attractive opportunities to impart knowledge. Increasingly, companies and private individuals are taking advantage of the benefits of digital products to distribute or acquire knowledge independent of time and place.

This applies equally to universities, companies and private parties interested in education: A high quality of content and methodological-didactic as well as audiovisual and intuitive quality are decisive for learning success. Appealingly designed products are fun and motivating.


iCADEMICUS only cooperates with university teachers and lecturers with many years of experience and proven expertise.

iCADEMICUS permanently acquires new authors in order to expand and round off the product portfolio.

iCADEMICUS provides its authors with versatile support and a sophisticated production and distribution platform for their ideas and manuscripts.

iCADEMICUS appreciates its authors and therefore offers fair and attractive conditions.

Quality certainty can only be achieved by excellent authors. Our strict selection criteria ensure that our products are created by experts who have many years of practical professional experience as well as outstanding methodological and instructional competence. In this way, we protect our customers from excessively theoretical knowledge from the ivory tower or mediocre content of unexperienced trainers.

Within the framework of a streamlined workflow, we accompany and support our authors in all process steps. By integrating them into our product portfolio, individual modules are upgraded and a greater benefit is created for the customer.


iCADEMICUS focuses on modern e-products and, where appropriate, print-on-demand products and offers high-quality consulting services.

iCADEMICUS has a lean organizational structure and thus cost-effective production processes.

iCADEMICUS cooperates with university professors and lecturers with many years of experience and proven expertise.

iCADEMICUS offers universities, companies and private customers access to modern and fully integrated learning modules.

The educational landscape is increasingly changing. New technologies and distribution platforms enable lean production and sales processes that challenge previous market structures.

Here you need a partner who can react quickly, competently and efficiently to market requirements with excellent products.