Academic education

iCADEMICUS knows the specific requirements and special application possibilities of e-products in the field of academic education.


Technological change

iCADEMICUS has the expertise and products that enable those responsible for academic education to benefit from the unstoppable progress in digital knowledge transfer.

Economic efficiency

The use of digital formats enables educational providers to realise economies of scale. The quality of teaching can thus be maintained and in most cases even increased, even if funding decreases.

Changing educational landscape

Online forms of study provide university managers with a flexible offer to meet the increased demand for diversified courses of study in classroom, distance learning and online formats as well as full-time, part-time and continuing education.

Quality assurance

iCADEMICUS enables academic institutions to position themselves as modern, future-oriented educational institutions with digital courses and study programmes of outstanding technical and content quality.


Blended learning
Classroom courses are combined with e-learning in a methodically-instructionally coordinated curriculum to increase quality.

Ad hoc substitution of courses with compulsory attendance
In case of absence due to research semester, illness, pregnancy or vacancies etc.

Propaedeutics or bridge courses
Special courses in different phases of the study programme are flexibly integrated.

Online study programmes
Pure online study programmes with a completely digital organisational structure within the framework of modern distance learning