Private education

iCADEMICUS makes its products available to private customers beyond the academic and corporate context.


Professional competencies

iCADEMICUS offers professionals modern and flexibly combinable digital training products. Thus, professional competencies can be acquired, improved and maintained independent of time and place.

Knowledge-based society

iCADEMICUS enables private persons to acquire relevant knowledge independent of time and place. Interested people can satisfy their own intellectual interest and meet the requirements of today’s knowledge society.

Exam preparation

iCADEMICUS enables students to prepare for exams in business studies in a meaningful and relaxed way with qualified e-products, to reduce exam anxiety and to improve grades.

Study support

iCADEMICUS e-learning and e-books are the ideal complement to classical study formats, whose knowledge transfer in times of scarce resources is often methodologically and instructionally deficient and unattractive.


Easy access to relevant expertise through attractively prepared high-quality e-products.

Use of e-products for personal qualification and acquisition of key competencies.

Support for other educational formats through flexibly combinable e-products from experienced university lecturers.

Revision and repetition
Use of quality-assured e-products to prepare for demanding and critical examinations.