E-books and books

iCADEMICUS E-books and books


iCADEMICUS e-books are the modern and contemporary way to make knowledge available on different devices and to use contents in the context of professional training and academic studies. In some application scenarios, a single e-book can be used by the reader on several devices simultaneously.


iCADEMICUS e-books are the inexpensive alternative to classic textbooks. Avoiding minimum print runs and stock keeping leads to a reduced capital commitment. Furthermore, transport costs and wholesale margins are eliminated. We pass on this price advantage directly to our customers.


iCADEMICUS e-books save readers from storing and transporting heavy textbooks. Archiving e-books is no problem due to the large storage capacity of end devices. The handling is user-friendly due to search functions, bookmarks and integrated dictionaries.

Up to date

iCADEMICUS e-books can be easily revised and updated. Thus, possible errors can be corrected and new aspects can be added in a timely manner. This way, the e-book is always up to date, even after years.

Advantages of e-books

Amazon Kindle
iCADEMICUS e-books are available in the Kindle Store and can be used on Kindle Reader, PC and Mac, and tablet and smartphone.

Apple iBooks
iCADEMICUS e-books – enriched with multimedia content – can be made available as iBooks.

Libreka et al
iCADEMICUS e-books can be obtained in ePub format from various providers and can be saved and read on common e-book readers.

iCADEMICUS e-books can be obtained by major customers as teaching material via our own server platform or can be fed into library systems.