iCADEMICUS e-guides


iCADEMICUS teaching guides and study guides allow for methodical-instructional synergies when used in combination with e-learning and e-books. E-guides support lecturers and students in online courses and online study programmes as well as in blended learning formats.

Teaching quality

iCADEMICUS teaching guides enable a clear documentation of methodical-instructional standards and their implementation. In particular, they enhance the quality of professional training and academic courses that are conducted at distributed locations and with different or changing lecturers.

Learning success

iCADEMICUS study guides support students and participants in professional training and academic course scenarios by providing structured guidance. They enable the independent development of contents within online modules as well as the preparation and follow-up of blended learning formats.


iCADEMICUS e-guides support the accreditation process by systematically and comprehensibly documenting teaching content, methodological-instructional concepts and processes. The contents of the e-guides can be flexibly supplemented by specifics of the respective educational institution and individualized accordingly.

Advantages of e-guides

Study guides

iCADEMICUS study guides are structured learning guides that support the use of e-learning and e-books. They offer students a clear guideline for the independent organization of the learning process. The use of study guides helps lecturers to supervise course participants and can significantly reduce the amount of work.

Teaching guides

iCADEMICUS teaching guides are structured teaching guides that can be used for the transfer of knowledge within online study courses and blended learning formats. The use of teaching guides frees lecturers from the time-consuming development of a methodical-instructional concept and supports the work with the learners.