iCADEMICUS E-learning


iCADEMICUS e-learning can be used independently of operating systems and end devices: by way of streaming via web portals and learning management systems or as application on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We design e-learning according to the wishes and technical requirements of our customers.


iCADEMICUS e-learning follows a structured design, which is characterised by a high recognition value and user-friendliness. All courses are divided into modules and lessons. Tables of contents and jump labels facilitate the navigation and repetition of individual sections.


iCADEMICUS e-learning integrates tasks, quizzes and other interactive elements that allow for consolidation and control. Integrated glossaries, legal texts and web links allow access to further resources via mouse-over, so that all important information can be retrieved comfortably.


iCADEMICUS e-learning is compatible with the teaching contents and curricula regularly used at universities, training institutions and companies. According to the individual needs and wishes of our customers, we continuously make modifications and enhancements.

Advantages of e-learning

iCADEMICUS e-learning can be adapted to the time requirements of customers and makes them independent of fixed seminar or event dates.

iCADEMICUS e-learning opens up access to educational opportunities from anywhere and saves the time and costs involved in attending classroom training.

iCADEMICUS e-learning can be scaled to any size and is the economic alternative to inefficient personnel-intensive face-to-face training.

iCADEMICUS e-learning is methodically-didactically designed and focused on relevant contents in order to optimize learning motivation and learning success.